Do you know someone with Cancer?

Do you know a child or young adult that has Cancer? Are they age 25 or under and living in England or Wales?

Jamie’s Wish is here to send a Wish Box to this special person tailored specifically to them. The Wish Box can provide comfort and essentials during treatment, entertainment during appointments, is full of treats, and other items that are special to this person. Our aim is to bring a little joy to them and their families during this often challenging time, and help the family to create more lovely memories together.

Complete the wish application form below and send it to us today so we can help.

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  • Patrick, age 6

    Patrick, age 6

    Patrick is age 6 and has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia…

  • Eden, age 2

    Eden, age 2

    Eden is age 2 and is living with Grade 4 Glioblastoma…

  • Kanza, age 2

    Kanza, age 2

    Kanza is only 2 years old and she is fighting a Cancerous Brain Tumour…

  • Maham, age 3

    Maham, age 3

    Maham is one of our younger fighters at just age 3. She has a Medulloblastoma Brain tumor…

  • Alexia, age 5

    Alexia, age 5

    Alexia is only age 5 and is fighting Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. She was an extremely active child before she was diagnosed…

  • Olivia, age 9

    Olivia, age 9

    Olivia lives local to us in West Sussex and is battling Acute Myloid Leukeamia…

  • Kayleigh, age 15

    Kayleigh, age 15

    Kayleigh is only 15 and has Sarcoma of her right cheek and slight lung metastes…

  • Jade, age 25

    Jade, age 25

    Jade lives in Wales with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia…

  • Muhmina, age 14

    Muhmina, age 14

    Muhmina is 14 years old and lives in Preston with Thyroid Cancer…

  • Katy, age 16

    Katy, age 16

    Katy is 16 and lives with Leukemia…

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Jamie’s Wish sends Wish Boxes to children and young adults in England & Wales that are facing the life threatening illness Cancer…

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