Do you know someone with Cancer?

Do you know a child or young adult that has Cancer? Are they age 25 or under and living in England or Wales?

Jamie’s Wish is here to send a Wish Box to this special person tailored specifically to them. The Wish Box can provide comfort and essentials during treatment, entertainment during appointments, is full of treats, and other items that are special to this person. Our aim is to bring a little joy to them and their families during this often challenging time, and help the family to create more lovely memories together.

Complete the wish application form below and send it to us today so we can help.

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  • Muhmina, age 14

    Muhmina, age 14

    Muhmina is 14 years old and lives in Preston with Thyroid Cancer…

  • Katy, age 16

    Katy, age 16

    Katy is 16 and lives with Leukemia…

  • Jaxson, age 1

    Jaxson, age 1

    Jaxson’s Mum applied for a Wish Box as Jaxson was just about to have his first birthday…

  • Tilly, age 3

    Tilly, age 3

    Tilly was diagnosed with Leukemia just before Christmas 2016…

  • Bradley, age 5

    Bradley, age 5

    Jamie’s Wish changed platform in 2016. We stopped granting wishes, and we now send a Wish Box to every applicant facing Cancer. Bradley received Jamie’s Wish first ever sent Wish Box…

  • Jennifer M, age 18

    Jennifer M, age 18

    Jennifer has a type of Cancer called high grade pleomorphic, undifferentiated sarcoma. Her family are suffering financially, because her mother has become her carer and their income has been cut…

  • Divine E, age 8

    Divine E, age 8

    Divine lives in London and has Leukaemia. His family recently moved house…

  • Ebony S, age 6

    Ebony S, age 6

    Ebony is only age 6 and has Neuroblastoma Stage 4. She was diagnosed in 2013, has received intensive treatment, has relapsed several times and is now palliative…

  • Ruby P, age 18

    Ruby P, age 18

    Ruby is 18 and has a Neurodegenerative illness with multi focal epilepsy. She is losing motor skills she once had as well as speach and sight…

  • Jack H, age 12

    Jack H, age 12

    Jack lives in Kent and has been diagnosed with Wilms tumour. At stage 4 his outlook is sadly poor…

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Jamie’s Wish sends Wish Boxes to children and young adults in England & Wales that are facing the life threatening illness Cancer…

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