Jamie's Wish Trust have adopted a new wish platform

Jamie's Wish Trust have adopted a new wish platform

Jamie’s Wish Trust have adopted a new streamlined wish platform. For the first 7 years of operation, Jamie’s Wish granted a wish to each applicant each with varying terminal illnesses. The wishes ranged from an iPad, a new bedroom, days out or even a holiday.

A new streamlined platform was adopted in 2016. Jamie’s Wish now send a Wish Box to each applicant, and the applicants are all battling the life threatening illness Cancer. Previously it was difficult trying to determine if each illness is classified as terminal and life threatening. Helping children and young adults who are battling Cancer, is the illness closest to heart after Jamie passed away from Cancer.

Wish Boxes are sent to people up to age 25, and each box is designed around the applicant. Each contains technology, entertainment, gift cards, treats, comforts, and items to help deal with the arduous treatment that Cancer patients undergo.

We hope this new platform will ensure we keep granting every Wish Box application, and keep our waiting list small. It also makes each Wish a personal experience for each applicant, trying to bring them joy during this often challenging time.

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Jamie’s Wish sends Wish Boxes to children and young adults in England & Wales that are facing the life threatening illness Cancer…

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