About Jamie's Wish Trust

Jamie’s Wish Trust is a UK charity based in Littlehampton, West Sussex. Jamie’s Wish sends Wish Boxes across England & Wales, to children and young adults up to the age of 25 that are battling the life threatening illness Cancer. Wish boxes are granted to bring a little joy to these children and their families during what is often a very challenging time.

Jamie’s Wish operates from the support of Jamie’s family and a group of dedicated volunteers. Their time is used to run the behind the scenes of this charity, as well as running any fundraising events that raise crucial funds for the charity. To view the exciting Jamie’s Wish events that are coming up please click the events tab above. The donations and generous support of people across the UK, and UK businesses, help keep the charity alive.

Do you know someone who is battling Cancer? Click the wishes tab above to find out how Jamie’s Wish can send them a Wish Box.

If you would like to help us grant future Wish Boxes then perhaps you are interested in donating, volunteering, holding an event, or attending one of our events. Please contact us we would love to hear from you.

How did Jamie’s Wish Trust start?

Jamie battled Cancer for three years to the age of 20 in 2007. During Jamie’s fight against Cancer, many charities helped him and his family by granting wishes, sending them on holidays, and providing respite. Jamie often talked about how he wanted to help other people that are battling Cancer, and help other charities too, because so many charities had helped his family during his Cancer battle. Even during his illness he kept fundraising for other charities. The Jamie’s Wish idea was starting to develop.

Jamie’s family organised a family fun day in 2007 that raised almost £4,000. This money was donated to various UK charities. Also in 2007, Jamie met the Portsmouth FC players – a dream he had always wished for. Everyone there fell in love with Jamie to such a point that Portsmouth FC started their own charity from the inspiration of Jamie and his story. Jamie’s family organised a second fundraising family fun day in 2008, this time raising £5,500. This money was donated to two charities which Jamie had personally experienced the work of.

It was at this point that Jamie’s family realised they could register as a charity, and start to help children directly by granting them wishes. Jamie’s Wish Trust was born, charity status was granted in February 2009, and Jamie’s Wish Trust continues to grow every year. The annual family fun day that is run by Jamie’s Wish, saw its 10th anniversary in 2016.

For the first 7 years, Jamie’s Wish granted a wish to each applicant with varying terminal illnesses. The wishes ranged from an iPad, a new bedroom, days out or even a holiday. A new streamlined platform was adopted in 2016. Jamie’s Wish now send a Wish Box to each applicant, and the applicants are all fighting the life threatening illness Cancer. Helping children and young adults who are battling Cancer, is the illness closest to heart after Jamie passed away from Cancer. Wish Boxes are sent to people up to age 25, and each box is specifically tailored around the applicant.

About Jamie's Wish

Jamie’s Wish sends Wish Boxes to children and young adults in England & Wales that are facing the life threatening illness Cancer…

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